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Wedding Packages

As a wedding photographer, I believe that communication is key. Both you and I must fully understand what is expected. Therefore, I urge clients to have a “meet & greet” with me. This is usually a coffee in a café or over skype depending where we are so we can discuss your requirements, but more importantly this allows us to get to know a little about one another. As I said before your, you invest in a wedding photographer and we have to feel comfortable with each other.

My goal at the end of our meet & greet, is to ensure you are happy and fully understand what I will cover on your big day. Between our meet & greet and your wedding date, if you have questions, I encourage you to contact me to discuss anything.

I endeavor to visit your wedding venue and reception area AT LEAST once before your wedding. This gives me a chance to look at locations, lighting and imagine the photographs I think you will love. If we could do this together, even better! If not please rest assured that my main priority is to create the great images you expect of me. These visits enable me to know exactly where I should take you for the best photographs possible.

On the day, I will arrive in good time and be as unobtrusive as possible, you have not hired a member of the pap after all.

Below is a description of the packages I can provide for you. If neither package suits your needs, please let me know and we can discuss tailoring a bespoke package for you.

It is all about you on your big day, I hope you will let me capture it for you, creating memories for you to love and share with your family and friends.  

Elopement Package 


The elopement package captures:

  • Brides and bridesmaid arrival at ceremony venue;

  • The Ceremony;

  • Candid guest images;

  • Family portrait session;

  • Group / Guest session;

  • Couple portrait session.

Full Day Wedding Photography Package

The full day package captures everything:

  • Bridal party preparation;

  • Bridal party portraits;

  • Wedding ceremony;

  • Reception candid's;

  • Speeches;

  • 2 portrait sessions;

  • Group images;

  • The first dance;

  • 1hr past the first dance (the funniest of images are captured then).


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