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HI! Thank you for allowing me to introduce myself to you. So, I'm Jase Cooper, that's me above (love a moody portrait), the man behind the lens. 


Where to start, always so awkward this. I'm not going to say I was born with a camera in my hand or that I have always loved being creative.


What I will say is that photography found me through a hobby of mine, fishing. Hours or even days sat next to a lake without a fish can be dull but when you are visited by these guys, how can you not want to take a picture.  

Outside of photography I am husband to my beautiful wife Claire and a father to my young boy, Oliver. Claire and I were married in 2013 and somehow I have managed to keep her entertained until now. Oliver was born 2016 and provides me with countless reasons to keep a camera stood by. Last and not least in our little family is Ghost, he's my "favorite / most compliant model". A maturing and sometime grumpy Husky that is always happy to sit and have his photo taken (for treats of course).


So, wedding photography isn't my day to day job. I am a soldier serving within the British Army, I joined in 2008 and thanks to my job I have traveled the world and seen and experienced some wonderful things. I am still serving but have one eye on my departure which is why I created JC Photography Ltd.

Why bring up that I am a soldier? Hopefully it tells you; I will be punctual, I always arrive early to get myself and everyone around settled to having a photographer about. I research, I visit venues prior to the wedding day to ensure I know the area and plan how certain photos will be taken. Respectful, kind and courteous to all those involved. And  importantly, I can control a crowd, a much needed skill to quickly grab those larger group shots before they run to the bar.


The services have helped me in the creation of JC Photography Ltd. As my new hobby quickly became a passion, I was fortunate enough to be able to take advantage of the the Defence School of Photography and become a Specialist Camera Operator (photographer) for the British Army (love a long winded name for a job we do). This means that even when I am not photographing weddings, I am rarely without a camera in my hand during my "normal" working hours. 


I have been lucky enough to photograph many events with my line of work from; field based exercises, charity events and even Royal Parades with members of the Royal Family in attendance. I have had my work published in national magazines and constantly contribute in creating media content for social media platforms supporting he Armed Forces.

20210619 - Corps Weekend - 764.jpg
In There. Life in the Field.jpeg

JC Photography Ltd came to life after covering a number of small events for family and friends. With their encouragement and counsel from other photographers that I had grown to know, I took the plunge and went for it.

The rest, as they say, is history.

Why I decided to photograph weddings?

Well, firstly who doesn't love a wedding? From my stand point as the photographer I get to meet so many fantastic people, not just you as the bride and groom but the guests you invite to share your day with. Its brilliant. Secondly, and I dont know why, I find it a buzz. I'm not sure if its the "I cant cock this up" or the creation of physical memories for you to look back on over time. But what I do know is, I honestly feel very privileged to have been entrusted with photographing the weddings that I have.   

I hope what you've deduced from the above is that I am a passionate individual, and being married I fully understand and can relate to the stress of organising a wedding day (on the contrary to Claire's thoughts haha). And because of that I like to try and create a calm and enjoyable experience in what is at times, a hectic energy. 

If you have gotten this far, I applaud you as it feels I have just rabbited on. Please take a look at some the images have a produced in my PORTFOLIO and maybe read a couple of REVIEWS from previous clients. If you have any questions please ask on the chat or fill in a contact form. 


I hope to hear from you soon.

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